When was the 1969 Porsche 911 Released?

1969 porsche 911

The 1969 Porsche 911S coupe is finished with Polo Red leatherette over black leatherette. It has a 2.0-liter flat-6 paired with a 5-speed manual transmission. Fuchs alloy 15″ wheels, fog lights, sunroof, and Blaupunkt AM/FM Radio are some standard features. The car went through a 2006 refurbishment which included a repaint, refurbishing its interior, and overhauling its suspension, brakes, and engine. This 911S was bought by the current owner in 2016.

Cars in Texas finished the body in Polo Red (6802) as part of their refurbishment in 2006. Equipment includes body-colored bumpers featuring chrome overrides or rubber moldings, amber lights, bright rocker molds, Bosch H4, and Hella headlights. Polished Fuchs 15′ alloy wheels are equipped with 185/70 Vredestein Sprint Classics. A spare wheel with the exact dimensions is kept in the front trunk.

The interior is black leatherette and features matching door panels, dashboards, and doors. There are also charcoal carpets. Equipment includes a sunroof with an ivory-colored perforated leather headliner, three-point seat belts, Blaupunkt AM/FM radio, and Blaupunkt Bermuda glove box-mounted head unit. The dash-mounted loudspeaker is also included. There is a crack in your dashboard.

1969 Porsche 911

Saul Fisher from Portland, Oregon, purchased the 911T Coupe in its first purchase on 12/12/1969. He owned the 911T Coupe for approximately one year and then sold it to Sol Riffel. Sol Riffel purchased the 911T Coupe on 5/22/1971. The 911T was owned for 22 years by Mr. Riffel, who had it repainted in 1991. According to history, it had 4 additional owners. They all lived in different parts. The 911T finally ended up possessing Walter Boehringer from Southern California. Mr. Boehringer took the time to restore it to its original form. They were repaired and not replaced to maintain the originality of the 911T’s parts.

One of these restorations included a complete rebuilding of the original suspension. Boehringer added a Scart sport exhaust, a 911S front stabilizer bar, and new stainless steel heat exchangers. These additions enhance the vehicle’s outstanding performance and appeal while not compromising its originality. Fuchs wheels were restored with Pirelli Cinturato tires. Also read: Why Porsche 916 is Famous?


  • It has original panels, and there are no gaps between the doors. There is no sign of rust or accidental damage.
  • She is a highly presentable driver and runs flawlessly. The car was treated with great care and meticulous records.
  • Original engine, original transmission, and its original color (Irish Green/6806). Its owners love the 911T’s reliability, lightweight, and aesthetic simplicity.
  • One of the 3,561 Karmann coupes made and Porsche’s first 911T year. The car has a 2.0L engine, 5-speed automatic transmission, and 110 horsepower. It makes for a good driver.
  • This was also the year Karmann created the long-wheelbase 2.0L 911T. This makes it a rare Porsche enthusiast’s car. The original 911 design saw the first significant changes, extending the wheelbase by 60mm.
  • These cars, also known as the “B Programme,” were first produced in August 1968.
  • Karman only participated in their production for a year. Osnabruck made 3,561 911Ts that year. It features the lightweight magnesium crankcase, first introduced on the B Programme cars.
  • This helped to give the 911T with a longer wheelbase much better cornering stability than previous cars with a shorter wheelbase.

The magnesium crankcase in this vehicle is the oldest known to have the ‘1.1R’ casting part number of the aluminum crankcase. It has most of its original details, including the one-year-old engine deck cover, basket-weave interior, double 40mm triple-throat Weber IDA cars, rubber bumpers, and Fuchs tires. This 911 also comes with the desirable 901 five-speed manual gearbox.

1969 Porsche 911 Buyer’s Guide

While the Porsche 911 would be around for decades, collectors and enthusiasts pay more attention to the first-generation Porsche 911 models produced between 1964 and 1989. Many believe these early models represent the best link to the car’s history. The popularity of these early models is due to their clean design and low weight.

The 1969 Porsche 911 S is exciting because it marks the first 911 S with mechanical fuel injection. Due to its race-inspired feel and protection from the elements, the style is very desirable. Check for rust in any 1969 Porsche 911 S before you buy. Because many 911 S owners have enjoyed upgrading their 911 S models with tuning upgrades, it is essential to check that the engine mechanics are in top condition and that the asking prices reflect the overall situation.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the horsepower of a 1969 Porsche 911?

The original 2.0-liter engines reached their last year of construction in 1969. The 911 E was the successor to the L engine and offered power outputs ranging from 140 hp to 165 hp.

How much does an antique Porsche 911 cost you?

Porsche’s values can vary widely today. A 1977 911S in excellent condition, worth 35,000 USD, to a 1995-98 GT2 with a value of over USD 1.25M. Explore our selections for the most valuable 911 classic and new models. You can also browse the complete list of Porsche 911 for sale.

How much is a Porsche 911 worth to you?

2021 Porsche 911 Value – $79,554-$186,151 | Edmunds.

How much does a Porsche 911 Porsche cost?

The new model comes with a starting MSRP price of $161,000. This includes a $1350 delivery, processing, and handling charge.

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