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toyota sera modified

Toyota sera modified is an automobile with a two-door coupe body design with an engine located in the front that delivers energy to the front wheel. This car belongs to Toyota’s EXY10 car line. The power comes from a naturally aspirated machine with a 1.5 Liter capacity. The engine has two overhead camshaft gears, a 4 cylinder layout, and four valves per cylinder.

It generates 110 horsepower (110 PS/81 kW) at 6400 rpm and a maximum power of 132Nm (97 lbft/13.5 kilograms) at 5200 RPM. A manual 5-speed ‘box’ transfers power to the wheels. The weight claimed in the street is around 900kg. The maximum speed claimed is 195 km/h, or the speed of 121 mph.

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Some Features about Toyota Sera modified

Base Vehicle

It was initially released with just one engine and one body style; there’s technically only one version: Toyota Sera EXY10. However, the many options available, like brakes, transmission and sound systems, meant there were many different factory-installed packages.

In addition, Toyota itself produced three variations (known as “Phases”) throughout its lifespan with particular distinct characteristics (such as the interior trim). Still, the variations among the three versions are primarily decorative.


All Seras was equipped with a 1.5 L (1496cc) inline 4 5E-FHE gasoline engine unleaded, the most significant capacity model of Toyota’s E series engines found in other Toyota vehicles, such as the Paseo and the Starlet. It was mounted in a front mount, transverse front-wheel-drive configuration, with an electronically controlled fuel injection.


Toyota Sera is a monologue steel construction with a straightforward, round body design. It’s a two-door plus hatch (sometimes called three-door and hatchback) coupe. The most distinctive aspect of the Sera is its doors with butterfly hinges that are hinged between the top and bottom of the A-pillar.

They move forward and upwards in a way similar to those of the McLaren F1 and Saleen S7. The door’s weight is supported by a large gas strut and balanced by a minor reinforcement in the door to adjust for temperature variations.

Toyota Sera Interior

Toyota Sera is a 2+2 coupe with bucket seats at both ends and a bench seat fixed center armrest. The front seats can slide forward and tilt to access the rear. Although the interior is relatively compact, the deep and form-fitting shape of the back seats means that the car can offer room (albeit limited) in the rear for people of average height.

The front seats in all models were equipped with three-point harnesses, while the rear seats had a two-point lap or three-point harnesses based on the phase. It is within the specifics of the interior that most of the variances in Phases are outlined in the following.

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Other Features

The Sera/EXY-10 was the first automobile to sport headlamps with projectors (though the 1988 AXV II concept model had conventional headlights). This Alfa Romeo Straddle is believed to be the first vehicle with dihedral doors similar to the Sera and has windows that curve upwards to the ‘roof’ portion of the car.

Systems for Air Filtration and Fragrance

Sera buyers could also purchase one of two electronic air fresheners and cleaners styles. They were available in the form of an individual roof-mounted filter and an inside light unit, referred to by the name of “Clean Ace”, as well as an integrated team dubbed the “Air Fantasy”, which was placed on the center console under the head unit for audio.

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Aftermarket Versions

 Numerous Toyota Sera’s have received aftermarket modifications or additions that aim to extend the car’s useful life, enhancing the overall performance or solving common issues like body roll or low levels of headlights.

Engine Tuning

 The most popular mechanical enhancement is an adjustment or complete repair of the engine. The 5E-FHE factory standard engine was developed at 110 PS when it was new. It is also the strongest of all the normally aspirated models from the Toyota E series engine.

A Tuner’s Favorite

Its distinctive design sets it apart from other JDM classics. The Sera has earned a massive fan base. Some prefer to refresh the style by adding big wheels, body kits, or even a color change.

It smells as good as It Does

After buying the Sera, purchasers can choose to install one of two exciting air conditioning and air freshening systems. The “Clean Ace” model was a stand-alone unit that was established on the roof of the house and was designed for smokers.

A Heart By-Pass

There are plenty of choices for those who want to make their Sera accelerate. The fastest and most straightforward option is to change the drive train for the generation four Starlet GT, which ups the power to 135 horsepower.

Affordable JDM Gem

It can be used as a show-and-shine beauty or as the base to a unique performance car or a stand-out performance car build; the Sera is an outstanding alternative to the typical variety of vehicles that are likely to draw the attention of those looking for an uncommon JDM rare car.

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Frequently Ask Questions

What is the value of the Toyota Sera?

new Toyota Sera modified costs around US $14,572 to $17.131. But it’s impossible to tell what price you’ll be charged for a used model because prices differ between dealers.

Which Toyota Sera are left?

The Sera was produced for just 5 years, and during that time it was only 16,000 units produced and sold only in Japan.

Any car over 25 years old may be legally imported into America. United States. But, a vehicle that does not meet the safety standards for vehicles as specified by the federal government in America is considered illegal.

Is Toyota Sera JDM?

YES. Toyota Sera was only made and sold in Japan. Japanese Domestic Market was a global hit because of its butterfly door.

Are Toyota Sera rare?

Yes, this is because it was only 16,000 units manufactured and sold exclusively in Japan.


Toyota sera modified is one of the finest automobiles the Japanese automobile industry has offered its customers around the globe. It was a landmark in its day and was the model for the next generation of cars.

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