Should I Buy the Mclaren f1 lm?

Mclaren f1 lm

The Mclaren f1 lm is a track-oriented McLaren F1 designed to pay tribute to the five McLaren F1 GTRs that competed and finished the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans. The McLaren F1 GTR was the base of the LM. The LM was built on the F1 standard chassis.

McLaren F1 has the distinction of being the fastest serial car ever. There were just over 100 McLaren F1s made. Two of the McLaren F1s were reworked by their manufacturers to make them more memorable.

British firm McLaren F1 was the winner at Le Mans 1995. They produced an extreme F1 LM version, but only 5 sold. It was a pure-blooded racing vehicle with a disassembled cockpit and stiff suspension. This was the opposite of the F1 regular model, which was modified for daily use.

Here’s what everyone Forgot about the McLaren F1 LM

  • Commemorative Model
  • F1’s Most Powerful
  • Fastest 0 To 100 To 0
  • Only five were made.
  • Unrestricted Le Mans Race Car
  • Papaya Orange Paint
  • Lightest F1 Made
  • LM-Specification

1. Specifications and Modifications

The original weight was reduced by 60 kg (132lb) through the removal and use of various trim pieces. McLaren F1 LM weighed 1,062kg (2,341 lb) with no interior noise suppression, audio system and stripped-down base interior.

2. Engine

F1 LM used the same engine as the 1995 F1 GTR except for the race-mandated restraints. It produces 680 PS (500kW; 671hp) at 7,800rpm. The compression ratio is 11.0 to 1. It can produce 705 Nm (702 lb-ft), peak torque at 4,500 rpm, and redline at 8,500. It weighs a horsepower ratio of 0.29 hp/lb.

3. Aerodynamics

The GTR racecar was directly used to create the aerodynamics for the LM. The bodywork of this vehicle features a more significant cooling tube at the nose of it and cooling lines on either side for the brakes. The car has much larger and more adjustable CFRP rear wings than the F1.

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4. Tyres

  • McLaren F1 LM uses Michelin XXX3 tyres. Also, it features specially-designed 18″ (457 mm – magnesium alloy) wheels.
  • The front tyres are 295/35 ZR 18, while the rear is 345/35 ZR 18.
  • The front wheels measure in at 10.85 x 18.25 inches while the rear measures in at 13.00.

5. Brakes

The GTR has carbon ceramic brakes. However, the LM doesn’t have them. The front callipers and rear callipers are four-piston monobloc light alloy callipers.

6. Gearbox and Clutch and Miscellaneous

The Mclaren f1 lm has an upgraded gearbox with a gun-drilled driveshaft derived directly from the F1 GTR. It also has a tripod CV joint and straight-cut gears. However the ratios are identical as the standard F1, i.e. 3.23.1, 2.19.1, 1.71.1, 1.39.1, 1.16.1, 0.93.1, with a last drive of 2.37.1. The 1996 F1 GTR’s magnesium gearbox housing does not offer the LM any advantage.

  • The LM’s triple plate carbon/carbon hydraulic clutch has a 200 mm diameter (7.87 in).
  • The F1 LM can hold 90 L of fuel (or 23.8 US gal).

7. Interior Design and Styling

It looks very similar to the Mclaren f1 lm race car. It is possible to see some differences that are more difficult to spot, such as the mesh grill in the front bumper and the unique engraving of “GTR-24 Heures du Mans Winners 1995″ on the rear wing.

Although it was built using the same lightweight principles as GTR’s, the LM’s cab interior was refined for road use with some modifications. One of the most noticeable changes is the addition and removal of the two-passenger seating in the F1 race car. McLaren originally wanted the LM to retain the centre seat, but McLaren and his wealthy focus group convinced him to alter their mind.

Alcantara pads were added to the chassis. The switch panel was smaller to provide more legroom. Drivers get a wider titanium pedal and custom headsets with engraved car numbers.

8. Pricing

Considering such limited production numbers and a not-your-everyday-buyer clientele, there needs to be official information on pricing for the McLaren F1 LM. The McLaren F1 LM standard F1, priced at USD 1 million brand new, could provide some insight.

Although we agree it would be substantially more than the F1, our guesses as to what their customers paid for their LM are as valid as mine. This is even more true considering that three of the five units were sold directly to the Sultan Of Brunei. He probably had some bespoke MSO products added to his orders.

Another point of reference would also be the prototype used in blueprinting the F1 LM into the F1 LM. It is called the “XP1 LM”. The McLaren factory in Woking currently has the car, which is said to be worth USD 5 million.

While an actual Mclaren f1 lm has never been sold publicly, two of its uber-scarce variants have become the most valuable McLaren F1s of all time.

One of two F1s referred to as “LM Specification” which is not an LM because it is a more road-going version was sold in 2015 at a Sotheby’s auction held at Pebble Beach for a shocking USD 13.8 million. The second example sold at an unbelievable USD 19.8 million during Monterey Car Week in 2019.

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