How to Remove the e38 Bmw Airbag Light on?

how to remove the e38 bmw airbag light on

How to Remove the e38 Bmw Airbag Light on? If your E38 BMW’s airbag light is on, you can try these things to get rid of it. First, examine the fuse box for all airbag-related fuses. If all the fuses are in good condition, the next step will be to test the airbag sensor. There are two sensors in the airbag sensor, one in each direction and one in the back.

If either one of these sensors malfunctions, the airbag light may turn on. The unique tool you need to test the sensors can be purchased at most auto parts stores. After your device, hook it up with the sensor to check if it turns on. The sensor is probably the problem and must be replaced if it doesn’t. For more information about How to Remove the e38 Bmw Airbag Light on keep reading.

How to Turn the E38 BMW Airbag Light On?

Airbag failure is a significant safety risk. The first step is to locate the problem and then fix it. You can take a few steps to get rid of the e38 BMW Airbag lights. Here are some suggestions.

Check Fusebox

First, check the fuse box for any air bag-related fuses. If any of them is blown or broken, then replace them. Next, proceed if all the fuses are in order.

Check The Airbag Sensors

  • You must check the sensors of your airbags. One sensor might be in the front and one in the back. They are vital in detecting crashes and inflating airbags. Check that the sensors are functioning correctly. If they don’t, it will cause an airbag light to go on.
  • A unique tool, which you can find at most auto parts stores, is needed to check the sensors of your airbag. You can then use the tool to attach the sensors to your vehicle. We are hopeful that your airbag light will now go out.
  • If the e38 BMW airbag lamp is still on after the above steps have been completed, you should take the BMW to a BMW technician to diagnose the problem.

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Why Does The BMW Airbag Light Switch On?

It is crucial to understand why your BMW airbag light comes on before you try to remove it. There are two main reasons the BMW airbag light comes on.

Condensation occurs when your car’s temperature drops from hot to cold. This can cause the airbag warning lights to activate. Allow the BMW interior to reach room temperature for 30 minutes before turning on your engine.

This error code can cause your vehicle to turn on the warning light and may result in you having removed components that are critical for safety. All parts must be correctly reinstalled and placed in the original position to avoid warranty-voiding or damage to the vehicle.

What Are Airbag Warning Lugs?

SRS is the system in your car that deploys airbags and automatic seatbelts. SRS, also known as the passive restraint system, is a vehicle’s system that activates automatically without the driver having to do anything.

The car’s SRS can record the vehicle’s brakes, impact location, and deceleration speed. It can detect if someone is in the front seat. After collecting all data, it transmits the information to the Airbag Control Unit. Based on the information received, the Airbag Control Unit decides when to activate your airbags.

How Do you Turn Off The Airbag Light On your E38 BMW?

If your E38 BMW includes an airbag, there are a few things that you can do. First, inspect the fusebox’s airbag-related fuse fuses. First, replace any blown a fuse. Next, check to ensure that the light continues. The next step is to check if all of your fuses work. One sensor is in front and one in back.

Both sensors must function correctly for the airbag light to turn on. To test the sensors, a unique tool will be required. It is available at most auto parts retailers. Once the sensor is installed, attach the device and check that the light turns on. The sensor may be the problem if the light doesn’t remove fuse to turn off airbag light.

Can Resetting In BMW E38 Be As Easy as Resetting Airbag Light?

The terminology for setting up an airbag light on a car is confusing. The common term “removing” the airbag lights refers to physically removing them from the instrument cluster.

Resetting an auto’s airbag light indicates that the warning indicators have been turned off. They are, therefore, both terms with different meanings. These terms can be interchanged. If you speak of removing and resetting, you mean turning off BMW E38’s airbag light.

Removing e38 BMW’s airbag light

Turn off the e38 BMW lightbulb. Before you take out the airbag light from your BMW e38, disconnect the negative battery terminal. Also, make sure that the car is off the power. Next, you will need a Phillips head and a Flat head screwdriver. Use these tools to take out each clip attached to the radio unit’s stereo bezel (the part that holds them in place). Please take out the four plastic tabs that keep it in place. Make sure to disconnect everything except one cable from your dashboard area. This will let us access the radio when we install it later.

Frequently Ask Questions

How Can you Turn Off The Airbag Warning Light?

Using resistors, you can bypass the warning light on the airbag or the airbag parts. We strongly recommend that the problem be fixed immediately.

  • Start your vehicle again and go for a drive.
  • Look at the passenger airbag switch.
  • Inspect the correct functioning of seat belts.
  • Verify the passenger seat sensor isn’t applied.
  • Make sure to use an SRS or airbag light-reset option on your scanner.

What’s The Average Cost To Switch Off An Airbag Light?

Replace the airbag light. This process can take hours and could cost hundreds of dollars. However, depending on what type of car, it might be up HTML600.

Can an airbag fuse be removed?

The fuse cannot be removed to disable an airbag. You can’t cut the wires to disable it. Twisting the wires and changing the impedance will also not work.


You now have all the information you need to take out your BMW E38 airbag light. We hope that this discussion has helped you to resolve the issue. These two techniques will be of great help to you. That’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed today’s discussion about How to Remove the e38 Bmw Airbag Light on. Thank you for reading.

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