How To Check The E38 Bmw Battery Can Not Recharge?

how to check the e38 bmw battery can not recharge

You may wonder how often you need to change your car battery, regardless of whether it is a brand new BMW model or an older model. On average, a BMW’s battery will last 3 to 5 years. Many things affect the lifespan of your equipment. Keep scrolling to know more about how to check the e38 bmw battery can not recharge.

BMW Motor Battery

The battery’s state is what causes most battery ‘drain’ problems. The alternator may not be able to charge the battery if the car is used only for short trips. If a fully charged battery is used for short trips, its state of charge can slowly decrease to the point that it cannot provide enough energy to run the starter motor.

This reduces the battery’s energy storage capacity and effective series resistance (effective series resistance), which can cause sulphation in just a few months. I have heard this often: “It can’t possibly be the battery; it’s only six months old.” Yes, it can. However, if the battery isn’t in good shape, it will not last as long as the OEM Bosche unit.

The Automotive Battery’s primary purpose is to provide EMF sources for automobiles. Additional functions include:

  1. Provides voltage/current for the starter motor.
  2. Provides voltage, current, and ignition for cranking.
  3. Provides all electrical power for the charging system that isn’t in use.
  4. Provides additional power to the vehicle when its electrical load exceeds what is available from the charging station.
  5. Acts to stabilize the voltage in the electrical system. The battery neutralizes voltage spikes and prevents them from damaging other electrical network components.
  6. Powers KL30/KL15/KLR. The battery cannot store electrical energy. It stores chemical energy that is converted to electric energy as it charges.


  • The car won’t start
  • Battery Warning Light
  • Airbag light on
  • If left unattended, the battery will eventually die.
  • Warning lights on instrument cluster warning lights

How to Charge Your Bmw Battery?

BMW recommends charging the bmw e38 battery through the jump starter terminals beneath the hood. Connect the charger now. Red clamp first. Then, slow charge the battery. A fully charged dead battery can take as long as 24 hours. When the battery is charging, don’t leave the key in place.

Another way to charge the car is to disconnect its battery, bring it to a charging station in your garage (or your home) and wait for it fully to charge. The indicator on your battery charger should indicate whether the battery is fully charged.

What’s Draining My BMW’s Battery?

Here are the possible causes of high battery drain in BMWs and how to test them.

  • Plugged in external devices
  • Plugged in OBD-2 scanner
  • BMW Intelligent Battery Sensor
  • The notorious “hedgehog” (from the climate control panels)
  • If an electronic component of your car is too power hungry or doesn’t go to sleep,
  • Faulty alternator
  • Old battery

How To Check The E38 Bmw Battery Can Not Recharge?

Step 1

  • For recharge bmw battery turn off car
  • Turn ON high beam headlights for 5 minutes. This removes any surface charge that could be used for testing.
  • Turn off the High Beam headlights.
  • Hold the Check Control button in your instrument cluster (RIGHT button) and turn the ignition switch to the first position. (KLR).
  • To view the car’s identification number, you can select Test Number 1.

Step 2

  • You will see Test Nr.19 when you push the right button.
  • Enter the total amount from the previous step into this menu by pressing the LEFT Button. After entering the total amount, click on the LEFT button.
  • This will unlock all the test modes and allow you to access your instrument cluster.
  • Use the left button and select Test Number 9 system Voltage.

Why Must A New BMW Battery Be Programmed And Matched With The ECU?

This is why new ECU-Battery matching is necessary each time you replace your BMW’s battery. An engine that is constantly being driven by an alternator, and powered by a drive belt to charge the battery, would indicate a continuous load. Even though it is relatively small, the engine can be put under a lot of gear over the long hours you drive your car. To improve fuel economy, the BMW ECU intermittently programs the alternator to only go when electric consumption is necessary. The ECU also tracks the battery’s age and mileage and adjusts the alternator running (charging the batteries). This variable charging reduces fuel consumption and prolongs battery life.

Where can you Find The Battery In A Bmw?

What can you do to test your BMW battery? How do you locate your BMW battery? Your exact location may vary among models. However, it is often located under the liner in the trunk. Be careful when performing battery maintenance at home. Depending on your model, you can find out what areas your BMW battery needs to be checked.

  • You can find the battery under the hood of BMW sedans and SUVs.
  • In sedans like 5 Series, this terminal acts as the battery’s negative terminal.
  • The battery’s positive terminal can also be found in the engine compartment of SUVs such as the BMW X3.

How to Update Your Bmw Battery Registration?

What is BMW Battery Registration? This simply updates your vehicle’s information that a replacement battery has been installed. This information is updated to make your car more flexible in charging capacity. Over time, this can cause your battery to become less efficient and perform better. You can always reach our team for a BMW replacement battery and registration to get you back on the road in no time.

Frequently Ask Questions

Why is my BMW battery not charging?

A common reason the car battery does not charge is when the light on the battery goes on. It doesn’t matter whether the corrosion is in the battery cables or on the terminals; this is still a problem to address. An alternator problem is another common cause of a battery not charging.

How do I know if my BMW needs a replacement battery?

  1. Dimming your headlights.
  2. Jump starts or engine revving more frequently.
  3. Start the engine takes longer if the key is pressed/turned.
  4. Unusual power fluctuations.

What are the signs that a battery is bad?

If the cranking is slow, your vehicle may be harder to start on cold mornings, or if it doesn’t begin consistently, you might have a failing battery or loose or corroded electrical connections.

How long should a BMW Battery last?

While the manufacturer suggests a battery lasts three to five more years, service technicians tend to recommend three years.


A simple way to check the voltage of your battery is to conduct a basic sight inspection. You should check to make sure they’re adequately lit or are dimmed. They likely draw from the alternator, not the battery, if they seem dim. I hope you get all the information about how to check the e38 bmw battery can not recharge. For more info visit Home page of the website.

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