How Much Does A Blue Ferrari Cost?

blue ferrari

Following a dispute with Italian motor-racing authorities, Ferrari’s John Surtees, and Lorenzo Bändini, competed in the last two races 1964 Formula One season (NART) as the North American Racing Team. Blue ferrari wore an unusual blue-and-white livery which was not seen since. The Mexican Grand Prix of 1964 photo is shown below.

Colour History

Ferrari offers a wide range of colours, including baby and darker blues. While Ferrari has always been associated with red, it can now use blue as its brand identity. Since the Daytona was first made in blue, Ferrari fans have seen it more often. The colour is subtle, but it reflects well in the sun. Blu Swaters and Blu Abu Dhabi were two of our favourite colours. These colours are both elegant yet also exciting and are a great representation of Ferrari..

This Smurf Blue Ferrari Ferrari458 Frightens Car Shows And Makes Eardrums. Ferrari’s 458 Italia is a beautiful car in stock form. It’s one of the most well-known cars, which is why it’s so famous worldwide. Modified cars are a whole different story. We have seen many different versions of the 458, but the car comes in a wide-arch kit that makes it more real. This kit is from Liberty Walk, but we see one from Prior Design from Germany. It looks perfect in this shade of metallic Blue.

A kitted Ferrari is a magnet for attention. But, just in case no one is looking, all you have to do is jump on the loud pedal as many times as you can. The Prior Design PD458WB kits are available for blue 458s. They include replacement front and side bumpers, canards and side skirts, and a rear spoiler. It also rolls on colour-matched Rotiform divided wheels, making it an overall good package. The car’s custom Prior Design exhaust system is the perfect soundtrack. It’s the ideal fit for the 570-hp 4.5 litre V8 that produces nine grand.

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Surprisingly, Ferrari Blu comes in many special and unique shades. We listed

Some of these are below.

Blu Kanchan

A bright shade of blue was obtained from Ferrari’s Tailor Made section.

Blu Antille

Antille, an American reality developer, was looking for Blu Antille to assist him with his Ferrari Superamerica 45.

Blu Corsa

A bright shade was used for the first time on the Ferrari 488 Spider in 2015

Blu Ghibli Cup

Originally a Maserati shade, this was the first time it was used on a racing version of a Ghibli Cup (1995-1997). This shade is very similar to Azzurro Dio.

Blu Helen

A darker shade of blue ferrari

Blu Inverno

Blu Inverno was originally an Alfa Romeo shade. Jason Castriota Design first used it on the Ferrari 599.

Blu Scozia

Blu Scozia, or Scotland Blue, is a dark, sultry shade of blue. It’s perfect for cars that have a lot of curves.

Blu Swaters

Blu Swaters can be seen in the direct sun and has purple hues. He was named after Jacques Swaters, a former racing driver who owned Ecurie Francorchamps’ team. He raced British cars during his youth. After he retired from driving, he became the manager of Ecurie Nationale Belge. The 250 GTO featured a silver/yellow livery.

However, the team also used a red/yellow uniform. Swaters was designated official Ferrari importer of the Benelux by Ferrari in 1953. A mere 40 years later, the Ferrari 456 was presented at the Belgian showroom. In recognition of their long-standing partnership, the colour was named Jacques.

Blu Air

Soft blue, now more in demand with the Ferrari 430 Scuderia & Scuderia Spider 16M.

Blu Chiaro

A vibrant shade of blue, most commonly used in the 1980s.

Blu Chiaro Metallizzato

This shade is very different to the regular Blu Chiaro. It appears brighter, and in some lighting, it looks green.

Blu Elettrico Opaco

Elettrico is also available in a matte version.

Blu Julie

Tailor Made: Dark blue

Blu Lent

This Tailor Made unique shade of Blue is inspired by the Ferrari F60 America 2014.

Blu Montecarlo

An Azzurro Dino-esque colour. Rare and used primarily in the 1970s/80s.

Blu Profondo

This shade was first worn with the 70 th year liveries. It’s based on a Ferrari 275 NART Spider (10691).

Blu Ultra Scuro

A dark and historical shade of Blue

Tour Blue de France Opaco

Tour de France’s matte version.

Blu Medio

Only available in a ‘Special Order.’

Blu Sera

The most preferred shade of Ferrari Blue from the 1960s through the 1980s.

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First Baby Blue Ferrari LaFerrari Emerges

It’s not easy to find a blue ferrari LaFerrari which isn’t either red, black or yellow as McLaren P1 or Porsche 918 Spyder. The only image that has emerged is of the baby blue LaFerrari. It is bold, striking, and certainly as head-turning and impressive as Jay Kay’s KermitGreen LaFerrari.

The details of this LaFerrari are unknown, but we can see it riding on five-spoke black matte wheels. Black brake callipers and a flat black roof with A-pillars and roof are used. These wing mirrors have been painted black on many LaFerraris but are still finished in the same shade of blue as the rest. Finally, we see the yellow Ferrari shield.

It is unknown where this LaFerrari will go, but it will join a private collection already established due to its exclusivity. The hybrid drivetrain that powers the hypercar includes a V12 engine weighing 6.3 litres and an electrical motor. The V12 engine produces 789 hp, 700 Nm and the electric motor 161 hp.

Combining the two, the LaFerrari can produce over 950 hp with more than 900 Nm torque. The LaFerrari can run from 0-100 km/h faster than 3 seconds to 0-300 km/h quicker than 15 seconds to a top speed of 350 km/h.

What does it cost to buy a blue ferrari?


When will there be an All-Electric Ferrari?

Ferrari announced at a press conference held in June 2022 that their first all-electric supercar would be built by 2025. Launching the first electric Ferrari is vital to the brand’s ten-year plans. These include a significant overhaul of the existing lineup. You can find more information in the Ferrari EV timeline.

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