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In 1979, the medium-displacement V-12 engine was removed from Weber carburetors and outfitted with Bosch electronic fuel injection. The Ferrari 400i, as it became known, was available with a manual five-speed transmission and the three-speed automatic manufactured, among other locations, at the same Michigan factory responsible for turning out B-24 bombers in World War II.

The 400 series was first introduced in 1976 at the Paris Motor Show; its style was derived from the GT4 2+2 and the 365 GT4 2+2, built on the iconic Daytona. The 400 was renamed in 1979 the 400i after its 4.8L engine was fitted with Bosch fuel injection to comply with increasingly strict emission standards across the globe.

It was in 1984 that CAR Magazine considered the 400 Series “one of the most stunning and elegant, and among the two most beautiful models ever to depart from the pen of Pininfarina’s penciling vision.” Leonardo Fioravanti created the design from Pininfarina’s Pininfarina. Collectors from all over the world adore the 400i.

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Ferrari 400i Engine/ Gearbox

  • The most significant changes to the 400i focused on the engine.
  • In the back was the last version of Gioacchino Colombo’s 60deg short-block V12, a motor in various forms since 1947. A large bore extended stroke model with a specific block, introduced during the ferrari 400i Superamerica in late 1959, allowed the Colombo motor to extend well over the initial 3-liter capacity.
  • Like its predecessor, 400i was equipped with dual overhead camshafts, wet-sump oiling, and an 8.8:1 compression ratio.
  • Displaced was an unaltered 4823cc due to an 81mm bore and stroke. 81mm and 78mm, respectively.
  • The main distinction was the change to Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection, which replaced the six Weber-side draught carburetors that were initially installed.
  • In addition, a single distributor, as well as Dinoplex electronic ignition, has replaced the twin distributor setup employed previously.
  • The peak output was 310bhp at 6500rpm and 289lb-ft when it was at 4200.
  • Comparatively, the previous 400 engine produced 340bhp when it was at 6500rpm and 311lb-ft when it was 4600rpm.
  • The engine type numbers were different depending on the type of transmission installed. The cars with the three-speed option Borg Warner automatic (400i A) employed the Tipo F101 D 070 power unit. The vehicles with a manual five-speed (400i GT) used F101 D 010 motors.


It’s Ferrari, So any ride will feel like an occasion. However, the 400 series is a taste that has to be acquired. It’s a massive and heavy beast with an engine the in the front, so don’t expect it to perform like the typical Dino. Some people think it’s more like an extinct animal (but it’s fair to say that this Ferrari isn’t any better than, say, the Aston DBS or a TR6); however, others Ferrari enthusiasts think it handles pretty well given the size of it and its age. In all fairness, the pleasure of having the Prancing Horse badged steering wheel is enough to satisfy many of us!

Despite its enormous V12 providing such a stunning sound system (who would need an audio system?), the performance isn’t as quick as you’d imagine, as it’s only hot hatch-like fast. If you decide to use all that power, observe the fuel gauge moving south! Even at moderate speeds and for which the 400 is a great vehicle, you’ll only get 15mpg, or maybe 10mpg is the more realistic number. There’s enough space behind the car for two small children. The boot space is decent and makes this Ferrari very family-friendly.

Ferrari 400i Owner’s Manual

The model was not legally imported into America. The U.S., although the manufacturing of an automated transmission to the vehicle could make one believe they intended to do it. However, some models were imported as gray imports. Therefore, examining the EPA/DOT compliance documents and the service history of the models is highly recommended.

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Low Miles Slightly Needed 400i

Artcurial’s 400i was a five-speed model. It was only driven for about 13,000 miles and was owned by only one owner since new. It was retired after the owner switched to a more comfortable V12 BMW. The ferrari 400i we have for sale showed evidence of wear and tear, including an unpleasant engine compartment and, at the very least, one spot in the carpet which appears to have been bitten by insects. The car also required service and set tires.

Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injectors substituted the carburetors of the model in 1979. Like the smaller 308GTBi and308GTSi, the power dropped to 300 PS (228 kW; 306 horsepower). However, emissions were greatly improved to meet U.S. standards. The top speed was the speed of 240 kilometers per hour (149 170 mph). Initially, the 405 and ferrari 400i models have only limited to the fuel-injected engine and an “i” emblem on the rear.

In the latter half of 1982, The 400i was upgraded towards the end of 1982. The new camshaft profile and exhaust headers increased the engine’s horsepower to 315PS (232 kW). The interior was updated with different furniture and door panels, a center console, and new electronic switchgear. The exterior was a broader grille that left the rectangular foglights visible, and the venting on the engine’s bonnet was switched from silver to body color.

How much will the Ferrari 400i set you Back?

The cost of a Ferrari 400i – Automatic is $52,383.

What is the Speed of a Ferrari 400i?

It has a top speed of 155 miles per hour (250 kilometers/h) and a curb weight of 3999 pounds (1814 kgs). The 400 I has a naturally-aspirated V12 cylinder engine. Petrol motor.

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