How Much Does A Blue Ferrari Cost?

Following a dispute with Italian motor-racing authorities, Ferrari’s John Surtees, and Lorenzo Bändini, competed in the last two races 1964 Formula One season (NART) as the North American Racing Team. Blue ferrari wore an unusual blue-and-white livery which was not seen since. The Mexican Grand Prix of 1964 photo is shown below. Colour History Ferrari […]

Get to Know About Ferrari 400i

In 1979, the medium-displacement V-12 engine was removed from Weber carburetors and outfitted with Bosch electronic fuel injection. The Ferrari 400i, as it became known, was available with a manual five-speed transmission and the three-speed automatic manufactured, among other locations, at the same Michigan factory responsible for turning out B-24 bombers in World War II. […]

How Much Does a Ferrari 512 tr Cost?

Ferrari 512 SS refers to the 25 sports cars built between 1969-1970 with five-liter (12-cylinder) engines. It is related to the Ferrari P sporting prototypes. V12-powered vehicles were entered in the 1970 International Championship for Makes by Scuderia Ferrari, private teams, and the factory. Later that year, modified versions of their main competitor, the Porsche […]

Is the Ferrari f 80 Street Legal?

Italian designer Adriano RALELI is a prime example of this. Raeli decided it was high time to reveal his ferrari f 80 Supercar, even though Ferrari’s LaFerrari had been unveiled not too long ago. It’s a concept car, but it’s worth taking a closer look at. The hybrid drivetrain will generate 1,200 horsepower from a combination of a KERS […]

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