BMW i8 Red When did it Come Out?

bmw i8 red

The bmw i8 red is a Plug-in Hybrid sports automobile designed in the name of BMW. The i8 was part of BMW’s electrified fleet and was sold as part of BMW’s BMW I Sub-brand. The production version of the BMW i8 was unveiled at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show and was made available in Germany in June 2014. Deliveries to customers who purchased the car from retailers across the U.S. began in August 2014. A roadster version was released in May 2018. Production was stopped in June 2020.

It was in 2015 that the BMW i8 accelerated from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.4 minutes, as well as an electronically restricted maximum velocity of 220 km/h (155 mph). The model year 2015 i8 came with a 7.1-kWh lithium-ion battery pack which offered an electric range that was all-electric at 37 kilometres (23 miles) in the New European Driving Cycle.

By the end of March, sales of all versions exceeded 22,000 units, making the bmw i8 red the world’s top-selling electric plug-in sports automobile and surpassing the sales of all other competitors in the same segment.

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BMW i8 Protonic Red Edition

It’s 2016! Geneva Motor Show is just across the horizon, and BMW will be there at this event, as you would imagine. BMW, the Bavarian automaker, has revealed that they will showcase the brand-new BMW i8 Protonic Red Edition, which features a stunning design in red and Frozen Grey with metallic highlights.

While the company hasn’t released numerous images of the car, we know that it is fitted with 20-inch W-spoke alloys with a choice of Aluminum matt or Orbit Grey metal. The interior is in keeping with the unique exterior design by contrasting red stitching, carbon fibre trims, and “i8” embellished headrests.

The stunning BMW i8 also comes with “Protonic Red Edition” door sill plates, carbon-fibre door handles, grey belts for the seat, black ceramic details in the shifter, and unique floor mats that feature the red stitching contrast.

Compared to the standard version, The special edition is the same in terms of technical specifications. It is that it has a plug-in hybrid powertrain consisting of the 1.5-litre TwinPower Turbo three-cylinder engine that is paired with a solid electric motor as well as a lithium-ion battery pack.

The exclusive edition will boast an overall output of 357 horsepower. This is sufficient to get it from 0-60 speed in 4.2 seconds, and the fastest speed is limited to the speed of 155 miles per hour. BMW lovers should also be aware that they can expect the BMW i8 Protonic Red Edition will be available in July and for a short period.

BMW i8 Systems are designed Red Edition

The bmw i8 red Protonic Edition is the first of the BMW i8 Special Editions introduced during the 2016 Geneva Motor Show and is displayed during the Thai Motor Expo. This is the special edition BMW i8’s photos from the event.

  • Frozen Grey Metallic accents contrast this Protonic Red exterior colour. There are brand new W-spoke 447 lightweight alloy wheels that have been finished by Orbit Grey Metallic, with hubs painted in aluminium Matte.
  • The BMW i8 Protonic Red Edition has a special treatment inside too. The door sills have “Protonic Red Edition” letters, while the seats have red double lap seams and stitches in red on doors and side trim panels. The gear selector features black ceramic accents, grey-coloured seat belts, and mats for floors with red contrast stitching to increase the look.
  • The BMW i8 Protonic Red Edition started production in July 2016. It will then be available only until the end of the year. It is believed that the BMW i8 was the company’s first production model powered by a triple-cylinder gasoline engine.
  • It is equipped with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology; this engine produces 231 hp and 320 NM of torque. The combustion engine powers the rear wheels, while a hybrid electric motor produces an output of 96 Kilowatts (131 horsepower) and 250 Nm of torque to power an axle in the front. The second power source can offer emissions-free driving that extends 23 miles (37 kilometres) in the EU testing cycle.

Comes with Various Styling Improvements

BMW has unveiled its BMW i8 Protonic Red Edition. This special edition comes with various styling improvements over the regular i8.

  • It has red bodywork and metallic grey highlights, and the red paint is specifically designed for the vehicle. It also has an all-black front grille and comes with W-spoke alloys as the standard.
  • BMW’s i8 Protonic Red Edition interior features red upholstery stitching, bespoke carbon-fibre trim and ceramic. BMW says its Protonic Red Edition primarily focuses on exclusivity and individuality. This is why the company has plans to restrict production, but the amount of units to be manufactured hasn’t been determined.
  • No changes to the mechanicals have been implemented to the special-edition i8. The car is still able to maintain the same claimed efficiency of 47.08kpl. It can sprint from 100 to 100 mph in 4.4seconds and has an electronically restricted maximum rate of 249.44kph.
  • The i8 Protonic Red Edition will begin production in July, with the first deliveries scheduled for September. BMW is not currently planning to add the special edition to its stablemate, the i3, the i3.

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Frequently Ask Questions

What has the cost of the BMW i8 cost?


Out-of-the-box thinking. You could even be described as radical or rebellious. In 2021, the BMW i8 might just be your ideal animal in the shape of a high-end hybrid sports vehicle.

Does the BMW i8 faster than Tesla?

Yet, Tesla destroys the i8 with its 60-100 mph metric. It completes the sprint in around 3.2 seconds, whereas the BMW takes around 4.2 seconds. In some ways, however, the BMW is unquestionably better.

Is it possible to call the BMW i8 a supercar?

Although it being the BMW i8 has a rather green ethos, this space-age sports car is commonly called a supercar. This is not surprising considering its jaw-dropping appearance.

Does the BMW i8 a supercar?

Although it being the BMW i8 has a rather green ethos, this space-age sports car is frequently described as a “supercar”. It’s not surprising, considering its stunning looks.

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