How Much is a 1987 BMW 325i Worth?

1987 bmw 325i

The 1987 bmw 325i Series is known by its generation as the E30 is the single model that, more than any other model, has brought BMW its Ultimate Driving Machine reputation.

The 325iS was the highest of the class version (aside from the M3). All of them were equipped with high-end options right from the factory and included attractive features like the 13-button OBC Premium, a premium model, and differentials with limited slips. However, the 325iS wasn’t available as an all-door model.

Many models from 1987 325i sedans were highly optioned for an alternative that included similar features to the 325iS and other features such as heated seats and rear headrests. The 1987 325i is a little-known gem within the E30 world. Many of our favorite E30s were 325i cars from 1987. They tend to be more unique and among the finest E30s ever made.

1987 BMW 325is E30

It is believed that the BMW 325is E30 was made available through BMW in France and the USA as an exclusive edition that included extra luxury and sports options. It is hard to find, and this is a rare 325is E30 for the collector or fanatic. It’s more luxurious than this, isn’t it possible! The mileage is 111,000 km with the maintenance book, and all original BMW documents are still in the vehicle.

This stunning BMW 325is E30 is fully restored and has a stunning interior and interior in Alpinweiss I original color, totally repainted by professionals. The Interior is brand new and has beige leather just like the original.

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1987 BMW (E30) 325I SPORT Key Facts

  • A beautifully presented example of the highly sought-after classic coupe, freshly restored from a recent repair completed in February 2022.
  • The ‘M Technic 1 Sportspaket variant of E30 325i was produced for just 10 months, and 290 models are thought to have been built.
  • Under the bonnet lies underneath is a 2.5-liter naturally aspirated inline-six engine called ‘M20 that delivers 170bhp and 164lb-ft torque to the rear wheels via the manual five-speed transmission with a close ratio and a limited-slip differential.
  • This right-hand drive 325i model was initially delivered to the UK before being exported to Australia at the beginning of its existence.
  • The initial MPH speedometer was replaced by the KPH unit in 2017.

Equipment and Features

The 325i was designed at the factory as a Sport model. It comes with multiple-spoke BBS alloy wheels, rear and front spoilers, M-Technic side skirts, 15mm lower suspension, and an open-ratio gearbox. It’s decorated in Diamantschwarz metallic with an interior with a cream leather trim.

  • It is mounted on the correct set of alloy 15-inch multi-spoke wheels fitted with newly fitted Dunlop tires. The factory specifications include an electric sunroof and air conditioning.
  • The check-control panel and electric front windows. The car is fitted with Ground Control Coilover suspension and custom exhaust.
  • A new Bluetooth-compatible JVC unit replaced the stereo that came with it. Additional JVC speakers have been installed on the rear shelf.
  • In the sale is the owner’s original book, a service guide, a printed version of the Mtech1 booklet, and a spare wheel, jack, and toolkit. The most cherished and cherished registration, ‘MTECH1, is part of the sale.


There isn’t any damage to the bodywork. Repairs for rust were done on the sunroof in December 2021. The roof was then resprayed until the bottom of the windscreen’s pillars.

Its Diamantschwarz painted body is in excellent overall condition and displays the most beautiful shine. There’s a tiny scratch just next to the door for the passenger and, a small scratch on the corner that is offside on the back bumper, and a few stone chips on the vehicle’s front, rear end.

Alloy wheels are in excellent condition, and the tires were replaced in November 2021. They have covered just 500 miles from the time of replacement.

Inside, the cabin appears to be in good overall condition. There’s some seat creasing, a slight scratch on the front of one door card, an enlargement of the roof’s lining, and a minor scratch on the dashboard.

The owner claims that his heater’s tap has become unstable and that the cooling system needs to be re-gassed.

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The vehicle

This particular car was donated by the new owner by Flack Pressman, a firm of accountants located in Hornchurch, Essex. A lady named Flack was then able to drive the car for less than 2,000 miles over the 9 years in her care. She covered about 15,000 miles before selling it to a Mrs. Gardner from Upminster, a good friend of hers.

Mrs. Gardner used it to travel to her workplace at Walthamstow before taking a break in 2001 and relocating to Suffolk. The car was purchased by the current owner in 2003. He has used it as a second vehicle for holiday and weekend motoring. He’s driven just 16,000 miles over the last 16 years, which is why the car’s mileage.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the value of a BMW 325i from 1987?

If the E30 included four body styles, two drivelines, two transmissions, and large and small-bumper versions, 1987 bmw 325i value numbers are all different. There are plenty of them for auction. Prices vary between $0 up to $10k for the majority of examples.

What issues does a BMW 325i suffer from?

The best 1987 bmw 325i Issues

  • Leaks in Oil From Lower Engine Area. 
  • The Blower’s Final Stage of Fan Resistance Could fail. 
  • The Rear Window Regulator. 
  • Coolant Loss Resulting from Leak through the Expansion Tank. 
  • Front Control Arm Bracket Bushings Could fail. 
  • Check Engine Lights and Engine Overheating. 
  • Multi-Power Steering Hoses may fail simultaneously.

What is the engine in the 1987 BMW 325i?

The 325i was driven by a variety of 4 cylinders inline (BMW M10, BMW M40, & BMW M42) and inline 6-cylinder (BMW M20 and BMW M21) engines with both petrol and diesel power.

Is 325i’s reliability guaranteed?

It is well-known that there are BMW E90 drivetrain malfunction bmw issues. While it’s true that the BMW E90 325i and 328i are among their most durable BMWs however, they’re not entirely fault-proof. Like every BMW engine produced in the years following 90, this model was fitted with VANOS. In essence, it was BMW’s V-TEC equivalent, which controlled the engine’s valves to improve fuel efficiency or for more power.

What is the reason E30 so well-known?

Many consider the generations of BMW 3-series cars built from 1982 to 1994–described by those who love the car with its chassis code, E30–is the most awe-inspiring “Ultimate Motoring Machine.” Crisp handling, ergonomics geared towards drivers, and timeless design make the budget-conscious “eta” model a pleasure for drivers.

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