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Toyota 4runner

The 1985 toyota 4runner was an SUV produced by Japanese automaker Toyota. It has been marketed worldwide for over five generations since 1984. It was sold as the Toyota Hilux Surf (Japanese: toyotahairatsukususahu, Hepburn: Toyota Hairakkususafu) and withdrawn from the market in 2009.

Although the original 4Runner was a compact SUV with a fibreglass-covered bed and a Toyota Hilux pickup, it was still a Toyota Hilux pickup. The model has been significantly improved and is now a mix of compact and mid-size SUVs. All 4Runners were made in Japan at Toyota’s Tahara, Aichi or Hino Motors (a Toyota subsidiary) plant in Hamura.

Robert Nathan, a copywriter for Saatchi & Saatchi, came up with the name “4Runner.” In order to create new characters for Toyota’s forthcoming vehicles, the agency hosted contests. The agency organized competitions to find new words for Toyota’s future cars.

The Hilux Surf has been replaced in specific markets by the comparable Fortuner, built on the Hilux platform. The 4Runner was introduced in Bolivia, Canada (Chile), Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and the United States.

Specifications of Toyota 4Runner:

  • ABS Plastic Injection Molded
  • Clear ABS Windows
  • Interior complete
  • Dashboard with steering wheel
  • Opening Doors and Hood
  • Magnets Keep Hood Closed
  • Opening tailgate
  • Open Air Feel: Removable top
  • LED Compatible

1985 Toyota 4Runner Battery

Your 1985 Toyota 4Runner may be the best car you ever own. You may need help keeping your Toyota 4Runner highway-approved. Advance Auto Parts offers the Battery product you are looking for, no matter the circumstance.

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1985 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4×4

Motorcar Studio is pleased that this low-mileage Toyota 4Runner 4×4 SR5 is available. This 4Runner is an actual survival machine with only 77,000 original miles, no accidents history, no rust, and original paint. 1985 is the most desired year for 4Runners, as it had both the fuel-injected 22R engine and the solid front axle. The SR5 trim includes comfortable interior appointments, Power Windows, AM/FM Cassette (with equalizer), A/C, a sunroof tilt wheel, intermittent wipers, and more.

This vehicle is 100% stock except for a newly powder-coated rear bumper. Also, the 31-inch BF Goodrich all-season tires are slightly larger than the original. It looks great, with a slight patina and minor touch-ups for a 33-year-old truck. It has one of the most beautiful interiors we have ever seen. There is very little wear to the original surfaces. The seat inserts feature SR5 and 1980s graphics. All original parts, including the floor panels and frame rails, are in good condition. There have been no previous rust repairs or rust damage. The hard top can be removed.

The engine has good power, and the 5-speed transmission is a big plus. This 4Runner drives faster and feels better than a 1980s Land Cruiser FJ60 (and it comes off). All seems to be working except for the cruise controls and switch for the rear window. However, the key does work properly. All items are included: the owner’s manual; original key; tool kit; and sunroof shade.

Frequently Ask Questions

What Was The Original Toyota 4Runner?

Toyota introduced the 4Runner to the market in 1984 as part of the 1985 model year. Based on the proven mechanicals of the rugged and well-selling four-wheel-drive pickup truck, the 4Runner combined 4WD’s versatility with the comfort and utility of passenger cars.

Is A 4Runner Essentially A Tacoma Or A 4Runner?

Some people may mistakenly assume that the Tacoma pickup is the 4Runner SUV. The shape of the cargo area is one of them. The exterior design options for the Tacoma 4Runner and 4Runner vary with trim levels.

What Year 4Runner Had Rust Problems In The Past?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration received this concern when they discovered that the frames for Toyota 4Runners built between 2003 and 2009 were prone to premature rust corrosion.

Are 4Runners Superior To Jeeps, Or Are They Better?

The 4Runner comes out on top because it offers more interior features, including cargo space and internal storage. You will also find some tremendous off-road capabilities in the 4Runner. Although the 4Runner is slightly more expensive than the Wrangler, it is still a great value.

Are Toyota 4Runners From The Past Reliable?

The fourth-generation 4Runner is reliable in general. This generation ran from 2003 to 2009. There are, however, more reliable years than the others. 2008 is the most reliable Toyota 4Runner generation. Vehicle History recommends Toyota 4Runner 2008 as a top-selling model.

Can 4Runners Flip Quickly?

The 4Runner was known to roll over at speeds under 40 miles an hour when performing evasive manoeuvres. The NHTS, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, gave just two stars to the Toyota 4Runner in 2002 for their rollover safety.

Is The 4Runner A Rough Road?

According to, the primary reason the 2022 Toyota 4Runner has such a bad ride is its truck-based leaves springs. This is an outdated design for a midsize SUV. Manufacturers have mostly switched to car-based chassis and coil springs.

Is 4runners Safe In The Snow?

The 4Runner looks excellent and has everything you need to do suburban wintering. Four-wheel drive is available at high and low speeds. The knob can be used to shift the gears. You get nine inches of ground coverage if you aren’t climbing the Rubicon trail.

Why is 4Runner so Popular?

The 1985 toyota 4runner is among the most-sold vehicles in the country. Its capability might explain why it is so popular.

The 4Runner can be outfitted to tackle rugged terrain and handle off-road challenges. The 4Runner can also be used to tow a boat.

In addition, the standard configuration for the 2022 4Runner includes two rows that can seat five. It can be modified to accommodate three rows and space enough for seven.

There are plenty of places for gear and cargo in the 4Runner. The 4Runner offers 47.2 cubic foot storage behind the second row. The first row has 89.7 square feet. If you want to place a camp or bed in the back of the 4Runner, ensure plenty of space.

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